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    House of Prayer—If you would like to see a great movement of God in His church at New Bethel, won’t you commit to joining in prayer at 9am at the church each Sunday morning.

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    Our next blood drive will be Sunday, July 29 anytime from 12:30—5:00 pm. You can schedule your donation tme at sponsor code GARNER. If you would like to assist or have questions please contact Mark Ray.

Christmas Cantata One Small Child
Delivered By
Delivered On
December 18, 2016 at 11:00 AM
Christmas Cantata

Christmas Cantata "One Small Child" at New Bethel Baptist Church December 18, 2016.

Music Director Patty Langley

New Bethel Choir: Zachary Parks, Todd Langley, Marc Nichols, Stan Odham, Melissa Odham, Hunter Odham, Payton Bolin, Mendy Dewees, Ruth Sanders, Charlotte Nichols, Cassie Odham, Teena Nichols, Teresa Parks, Skylar Langley, Minnie Langley, Ruby Pearce, Dianne Quentin, and Raymond Simmons.

Tracks in Order:
He is Born, The Divine Christ Child with Born in Bethlehem
One Small Child
Carol Sing-a-long
Mark, Did You Know (Solo by Zachary Parks)
Hope Was Born Tonight
In The First Light
No Room with You Left Your Throne (Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne)
Intermission with Pastor Lewis Baber
Finale: He is Born, The Divine Christ Child with Born in Bethlehem